Welcome to QUICK BRAIN

Welcome to QUICK BRAIN

We, QUICK BRAIN, have entered into this Business Process Outsourcing world for more than a decade, with all the expertise executives, operators and software analyst who were into this stream for the last 12 to 15 years. During this small tenure, we have taken ourselves on a high peak of status on which we have been honoured by a ISO Certified Company (ISO 9001:2008) due to our quality of job and services and the said magnitude proves the present upward growth level accordingly independent financial ability. Geological Survey of India, ERO and World renowned multi-national company M/s. Hewlett Packard India Ltd. chosen us as Priority Vendor and Business Partner.


Our company is technically superior in the digitization world for last few years, supported by a well maintained setup of modern amenities in connection with InfoTech along-with well experienced & qualified operators who all are involved in this stream since the year 2000. We have served ourselves to different Municipalities, District Magistrates of various districts of West Bengal, KMC, Govt. Offices & Libraries Visva-Bharati and Bank through our technical qualities for the said area. Our team comprises of exceptionally talented professionals. They are experts of their domain and work in tandem with each other to inspire a unique vision towards the improvement of the organization. They are precursors who have infused enthusiasm, synergy and zest to strive for nothing but excellence and they are constantly perk up their skills to get ahead in the sojourn to the zenith.

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After moving in the BPO world for 21 years time, our company has taken a vision to acquire the GIS (Geological Information Systems) stream as much as possible which resulted to execute GIS and base map work with major municipalities in West Bengal as well as recent great achievement for The Kolkata Municipal Corporation for 10 (ten) no. wards. We have accepted a challenge to complete such Herculean tasks with six months, which we did it, successfully. Now again we have been selected for more eighty wards for the same job for The KMC. We are also going to execute NLD (National Long Distance) Landbase for Bharti Airtel for West Bengal, Jharkhand & Bihar. Lastly but never ending that we have been selected for electrical GIS with DGPS Survey under TCS (Tata Consultancy Services India).


Our company is located at prime South Kolkata for which it is convenient to access from every corner of the city. We have upgraded technologies, modern up-to date systems and efficient operators who are working here round the clock. Our dedicated quality controllers are checking the files with the help of software and manually also.


In the year 2006, the Company diversified into a new wing of Development bodies where they have suggested to the different municipalities by the way of their development planning for the local societies in the segment of road development, standard of living and its financial condition, education level, nature of family planning, evaluation of essential needs to the people, heath, environment analysis etc. In the same year we dealt with 5 nos. Municipalities, (under KMA), a total tune of 2.03 Lac household survey for their livelihood and activities.

In the year of 2007, our Company enhanced the capacity to handle (a) 4 nos. District Magistrate Office with a volume of 32 Lac household for Child Census Survey Analysis & (b) 10 nos. Municipalities (under non-KMA) with a volume of 2.5 Lac household for Socio-Economic Survey Analysis. We made another enormous analytical report on child census which covers the education level, district-wise (West Bengal) for the national interest.

In the year 2008, the Company again started diversifying with E-Books development with Geological Survey of India, Kolkata. In this year, company earned unanimous reputation due to service quality within the time frame.

In the year of 2009, the company completely concentrate in GIS stream through out the year on which we have gathered enough experience and knowledge. Our Company has achieved excellent mark on the said stream by doing the work for The Kolkata Municipal Corporation. Till date, our company is doing R&D on the GIS field and resulted to grab huge GIS project from KMC, IGIL & TCS. Paralally our company still executing their core business with Geological Survey of India, Kolkata & Jaipur by capacity of priority vendor. In the same year, our company captured the CERTIFICATE OF ISO 9001:2008 by keeping high level quality standard of their service.

In the year of 2010, the company captured the geo-coated location 25,000 (approx.) electrical poles and collected its allied electrical information alongwith door to door consumer usage information for West Bengal on behalf of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited which is highest ever record in India.

In the year of 2011, our company enhanced to handle the digitization and uploading in the desired portal jobs consisting more than 3 million documents on behalf of Geological Survey of India and Indian Science & News Association from which our company has been awarded by Geological Survey of India as “Priority Vendor”.

In the year of 2014, our company made an association with an eminent worldwide multi-national company called, M/s. Hewlett Packard India Ltd., Sarjapur, Bangalore and we have been selected by them as “Business Partner”.

Since 2015, our company completely concentrated with documents digitization all over India.


  • Increasing of employment to abolish certain un-employment problems which have been affected globally in major sectors.
  • Serve to the corporate world in BPO sector in a huge way as to set an example for other incompetent Companies.
  • Acquire major Digital work in the National & Global market

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